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06/28/17 | Valley Park, Illinois

Defensortactical - Defensortactical Heather Calvin, Josh Sullins, Grant Gibson, I am a disabled veteran who owns a small business. We performed some lead testing for Defensor Tactical on 3/11/2017 and still have not been paid. I have been told about a sick child and a flood are keeping me from getting paid. I spoke with the owners of business on both sides and they all assured me that no water ever entered there buildings or Defensor Tactical. It was all a lie! Valley Park Missouri

06/28/17 | Upland California,

peter popoff people united for christ - peter popoff people united for christ rip me off for 1200 dollars and never did what he promised upland california california

06/28/17 | , Internet

Donna Klan - Donna Klan I ordered a heart necklace 6-23-17 order #520392,520393 price 6.99 to be delivered 6-28-17 never came Internet

06/28/17 | Annapolis Junction, Maryland

Anthony & Sylvan Pools - Anthony & Sylvan Pools Nightmare Spa Plaster Annapolis Junction Maryland

06/28/17 | Mesa, Arizona

Mortuary Tattoo - Mortuary Tattoo Mesa Arizona

06/28/17 | , Internet

NUTRITION, Ultra Premium Garcinia Cambogia - Ultra Premium Garcinia Cambogia Signed me up for a membership Los Angeles California
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